10 Tips to Reduce Stress

10 Tips to Reduce Stress

Get active!

Blow off some steam! Work all that tension out by going for a walk or going to the gym.

Practise deep breathing!

Controlling your breathing is a great way to bring your heart rate down, re-oxygenate your body and stay alert but calm.

Listen to music!

Put on your favourite song by your favourite artist. Music has a funny way of brightening people’s days.

Have a laugh!

Doctors recommend at least one good belly laugh a day. Laughing is a great way of releasing endorphins (your body’s natural happy medicine). Muahahahahaha!

Try aromatherapy!

Particular scents are great at calming us down. Try some lavender or camomile to ease the jitters and relax the brain!

Clean Your Room!

Sorry but Mom was right! Science has proven that if your room is messy, it spills into other aspects of your life. A clean room and workspace actually leads to better, more rejuvenating sleeps (probably because you will no longer have clothes, knick-knacks and garbage all over your sheets).

Do Something You Love!

Have a hobby? Paint a picture, write a poem, build an airplane! Whatever it is you love doing- DO IT!

Peel an Orange!

Peeling an orange not only releases a satisfying scent, but the act of peeling apparently relaxes blood vessels and lowers blood vessels- According to Dr. Nieca Goldberg rom Joan H. Tisch Women’s Health Centre in New York. Science is weird!

Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes

Streeeeeeetch! Stretching is a great way to get blood flowing back to the extremities. Blood flow is key to reducing stress!

Chew Gum

Chewing gum is usually suggested for exams. If you chew the same flavour of gum during studying and then during writing that exam, you have an easier time recalling information. So get chewing!




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  1. technology says:

    Maintain the great work ethic.

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