How to Be Successful in School – Part 3: Resources

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In this weeks post we are going to continue with our theme of success in school by covering an aspect that most students don’t consider until it’s too late. Help! In most cases post-secondary institutions have measures in place that are meant to guide and aide you when you need them. Things such as tutoring services, counselling, and advisors are often key resources available for students that aren’t utilized enough.
So here are some useful resources on campus that if you haven’t considered yet may be just what you need to get that stubborn B+ up to an A.

The Learning Centre – Tutoring: Hidden in the Learning Commons on every campus is Sheridan’s tutoring service. If you are in need of a little clarification on a subject that has been nagging at you for $40 you can get a peer tutor for 10 hours of tutoring towards the subject of your choice, or utilize the free tutoring offered for English, Math, and Java courses. The tutors are experienced senior students who have taken the course before and received an A in the course. Using this resource allows you to benefit from the knowledge of a senior student with a great understanding of the material who may also be able to give you tips and tricks on how to write to the level your professor will require.

Student Services – Counselling: Whether you are completely confident in your schooling or feeling like you are close to failing a friendly and qualified ear can sometimes make the difference between a good day and a bad one. We are constantly surrounded by stressors that can tax our emotional well being so why not talk to someone about it; even if all you need to do is vent about the terrible commute you have to take everyday it can help.

Teachers: You would think it would be the most logical first step in trying to do well in your classes but many students really don’t consider asking their professors for help. It can be as simple as asking a question in class, via email, or in private by meeting with them. Remember your teachers are meant to give you the best possible chance at success in your education, however post-secondary school is supposed to test you. It’s supposed to push you to be better and you have to develop self-sufficient qualities in order to succeed. They aren’t going to spoon-feed you the material but if you ask a question they will answer it, and if you need further clarification try your classmates or the first resource on this list – a tutor.

Finally, the most important resource you have to pull from is wait for it…yourself. Students are notorious for getting in our own way with terrible study habits or a mastery of procrastination, however what everyone needs to remember is success always comes down to two things: focus and effort, and we control both.

Tune in next Wednesday when we conclude our How to Be Successful in School stream and get some hints about our new topic. See you then.

Kelly Skidmore


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