What’s better than being champions? Well that’s easy…being champions twice.

ImageCongratulations to our Men’s OCAA Champion Basketball team as they hold their Ontario title against Algonquin in nail-biting final match up with a 76-75 finish. Phew talk about a close call. Head coach Jim Flack stated “We played really well and there’s nothing there to choose between the two teams — it came down to one shot with a win by one point. It’s a game of inches and the Algonquin Thunder is one of the most courageous teams we’ve faced all year. They wouldn’t go away, but I think we matched their courage and really it came down to who was going to make one play at the end.”

It is always an inspiring sight to see a team that has practiced so hard, triumphed over all the other competition and climbed their way to the top be successful in achieving an awe inspiring victory. Sheridan Bruins take a deep pride in the sports we play and the teammates we play with. Do you want to be a Sheridan Bruin? Check out if you want to join a team for the upcoming year. We have basketball, volleyball, soccer, rugby, and returning this Fall 2014 will be the Sheridan Varsity Cross-Country team. Yay!


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