Sheridan Creative Scholarship – Writing Contest Results

ImageGreetings and salutations,

This February we had the pleasure of running the first ever Sheridan Writing Contest and were stunned by all the wonderful submissions we received from our student community. We were thrilled to pour through the many poems, short stories, and long stories we received, and we spent many a night cuddled up with a computer on our laps diving into thrilling stories about aliens, time-traveling students, and realistic student perspectives.

We appreciate all the hard work and thought all the applicants put into their work and are pleased to announce the following three first place finishers.

1st Place Poem: “School Dazed” by Sarah Frank

1st Place Short Story: “The Obsolete Umbrella” by Jacqueline Geisler

1st Place Long Story: “A Mature Student’s Perspective” by Tiffany Persaud

Special mention goes out to all our applicants. It was a close race to decide the top three but we are pleased with our decision and can’t wait to run this contest again next year. Winners keep an eye on your Sheridan email because you will be receiving a special invitation to come pick your prizes and certificate soon.



One thought on “Sheridan Creative Scholarship – Writing Contest Results

  1. tech says:

    I’ve a powerful respect for your writing and advice.

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