Writing Contest Runners-Up

We at Student Advisement want to recognize the exceptional written submissions we received for the Sheridan Creative Scholarship. Of course we could not award 1st place to every applicant, but their were a few very close considerations that we would like to honour.

ImageCongratulations to our runners-up for the following categories:


  • “Meeting Brad Bird” by Elizabeth Parkes
  • “See you Tomorrow” by Dylan Reaves
  • “The Journey” by Melanie Harford
  • “Quiet Passion” by Hannah Davis

Short Story:

  • “My Unusual Friend” by Gregory Guthrie
  • “End of Chapter One” by Janine Nivins

Long Story:

  • “Peregrinatione Mea” by Bogart Gehl

In recognition of your superb submission and the value it carries to both you and the spirit of creativity that Sheridan inspires Student Advisement will also be awarding certificates to these runners up.

Congratulations and check your email often for you will be receiving information and how and when to pick up your certificate. 😀


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