Career Planning: Part One – You!!!!


When we start high school our teachers and guidance counselors tell us if we don’t know what we want to do by the time we graduate we’re in trouble. Here’s where we set to the record straight. Nowadays the average person has had between 10-15 jobs by the time they’re forty and has changed careers 7 times. O_O WHAT!!!

Now when we consider average teenagers cycle through different seasonal jobs and are usually in the same job for under a year the 10-15 jobs doesn’t seem so inconceivable, but 7 careers. That’s a lot of learning new skills and potentially explains why many of the students attending college and university programs are in their early 30s-late 40s. And wait, there’s more…70% of first year students change their major by the time they hit second year, so why are they pushing an unexperienced 18 year old to make such a pivotal decision.

As a student the first thing you need to consider about what you want your career path to be is how successful you can be in that career and whether it will meet your financial and social means. A great way to predetermine what skills, assets, or values you may possess to fit you in to a good career is to take a career quiz. There are many available online for free, or professional ones with more testing parameters for a small fee, which can demonstrate your abilities, how you like to work, and what kind of work you like. It is always better to get an idea of what a job in a particular industry requires both academically and psychosocially.

Try the tests on the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities to get a decent idea of where you will best be suited to work.

Tune in next week for Part Two: Dreams are important but…

**Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities. Accessed May 23, 2014. Last updated 2014


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