An Ode to Tim Horton’s

Early this morning I crawled from my bed,
Sleep still in my eyes, flat hair on my head.
The school day awaited, I groaned and I whined,
I just couldn’t believe how the night had flown by.

I hopped in my car already a bit late,
Sheridan was calling, my classes did await.
My stomach was empty, but I arrived at last.
Huh, who ever, as a student, has time for breakfast

As my professor began writing his notes on the board
My friend in the back had started to snore.
He could tell we were antsy as we started to talk,
So he dropped his marker and hollered “Alright go for a walk.”

You wouldn’t imagine our excitement and glee,
As we jumped from our seats like a group of escapees.
We stumbled down the halls, swerving this way and that,
Tripping and slurring and finally going splat.

We rounded a corner to a small curling cue,
That twisted and curled, throwing your brain all eschew.
When she finally shrieked out a welcoming cry,
It was like the sky was sending light down from the divine.

“Medium coffee, black” I slurred through my teeth,
If she hadn’t have known me, I could’ve been from the land beneath.
I paid her in change and she gave me a grin
As I ripped back the tab and went in for the win.

Smooth and hot, bold with great taste
Without the time to savour, it would’ve been a waste.
I felt the liquid surge through my watery veins
As energy ignited my wearied little brain.

Oh Tim Horton’s coffee, it is you I adore,
For without you I would surely be floored.
And although it will be awhile before I visit you again,
To me, sweet liquid of life, we will always be friends.

Kelly Skidmore


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