Sheridan College: The Well-Kept Secrets!

During the months prior to starting your studies at Sheridan, a ton of information is thrown you way and it is pretty easy to miss some things. I’ve compiled a list of helpful tips and tricks for new students:


1. Tired of having to sign in to AccessSheridan every time you want to check your Sheridan email? (you are checking it, right?): takes you straight to Office 365!

2. Software and Hardware discounts! You may be eligible for some pretty neat discounts via “OnTheHub”: 

Discounts are also available on some Apple products through the Sheridan Apple Store!

3. Need help with your resume? Create an OptimalResume account and the Career Centre will be able to give you some advice!:

4.  Sometimes the hardest part of writing an essay is the referencing. The Library at Sheridan operates a site called “Cite it Right”. Visit it for a bunch of guides that may assist you with your essay writing!




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