Enjoy my keep calm poem!! :D

Fifth week of classes
midterms start soon
do what it takes
to keep your life in tune

Keep your focus
put forth the effort
by the time you’re done school
you’ll be the expert

Don’t stress, don’t hum
dig deep, keep sturdy
if you need some help
come to B230!

Drink a hot beverage
take a break
do whatever you need
to keep your head on straight

Get a good night’s rest
don’t stay up until dawn
and always remember
keep calm and get your study on!

Melanie Harford


Davis Campus Peer Mentor Meet and Greet Success!!!

Hey Everyone,

The Davis Campus Peer Mentor Meet and Greet event was a great success!!!
All the Peer Mentors were super excited to meet some our mentees and talk to them one-on-one. Each of us was able to get to know a little bit more about some of the students whom we spoke with over the summer phone campaign and a few of the students made some new friends along the way with the other students.

The winner of our draw will be notified soon, so keep your eyes posted to your Sheridan e-mail!!!

And remember…….

Keep calm and get your study on!!!

Melanie Harford

Know Your Peer: Kelly Connor

Welcome to the first week of the “Know Your Peer” spotlight! In these posts, we interview one of the peer mentors to get their perspective on working as a Peer Mentor, studying at Sheridan and life outside of school!

Our introductory post features Kelly Connor, a first year Peer Mentor from the Davis Campus!

What’s your name?

Kelly Connor.

What program are you in?

I’m in my 2nd year of the Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership.

What do you like to do when you aren’t at school or helping students?

I am probably enjoying the great outdoors at my cottage, in Muskoka 🙂

Fun fact about you? (Talent, etc;):

I have played Hockey for about 15 years.

How long have you been a Peer Mentor for?

This is my first year on the Peer Mentor Team!

Why did you decide to become a Peer Mentor?

I really wanted to get more involved in the Sheridan Community as well as meet more people.

What was your first year like?

My first year was stressful as I had been out of school for 5 years.  Once I got a hang of it, it was a ton of fun.

Any tips you can share from experience?

Breathe and start using a planner or a to do list. They both help you not miss anything and it also feels great when you can cross things off of the list!

Look out for next week’s “Know Your Peer” post!

Kelly Connor

Meet and Greet Your Davis Campus Peer Mentors!!!

To all Davis campus first year students!!

Remember your phone call during the summer where you had a chance to speak with your peer mentor and had all your questions answered? Now is your opportunity to meet with your Peer Mentor!

When: Thursday, September 18, 2014
Where: Room B230 (Student Services Centre) in the boardroom
Time: 11 am – 12 pm and/or 2pm – 3:30 pm

Feel Free to drop in anytime during the event! However, if you would like to meet your Peer Mentor here is when she will be available.

Event Times:
Peer Mentor Available:
11am – 12pm
Brenda and Kelly S.
2pm – 3:00pm
Kelly C., Kelly S., Lauren, Vishakha, Melanie
3pm – 3:30pm
Kelly C., Kelly S., Lauren, Vishakha, Melanie, Brenda
So swing on by for some yummy snacks and good company!!!!

Slate Tip Trick

Having issues viewing your Slate e-mail?
Does the split view to read your e-mails have you grinding your teeth? (See pic above for example)
Want an easier way to view your e-mails?

Well I have the solution for you!!! Simply follow these directions and have a stress-free view of your Slate e-mails.

1. Open up your Slate e-mail
2. Locate and click on the settings button (top right hand corner)
3. Uncheck the Show the Message Preview Pane (under the Display Options heading)
4. Save

And there you go!! You should now have a single box with all of your e-mails listed. When you double click on an e-mail, a new window should pop open!! Share with your friends this new found knowledge and be the hero of the day (or at least for an hour).

Also keep in mind to always check your Slate e-mail. There is a lovely little red notification dot that pops up when you have an e-mail. However, sometimes this dot takes the day off and doesn’t show up. ALWAYS open up your e-mail to double check if you have an e-mail or not.

And remember……..

Keep calm and get your study on!!!
Melanie Harford

Second week going strong!!

Hello to all first year students!

Second week of classes are here and the week is moving along at a fast pace (or a snail’s pace depending on your lack on coffee and early morning classes).

Our New Student Orientation has wrapped up and it was absolutely amazing! We had TONS of students come out for the day. I hope everyone visited our First Year Connections table, met your Peer Mentor, and won some awesome Sheridan swag!

Now it’s time for the serious talk. Yes, yes I know more school information. BUT! This may very well apply to you so listen up (or technically read up).

Did you know that if you attended another University or College, you have the possibility to transfer your credit(s) to some of your Sheridan course load??? Less school work you say? I’ve got you smiling now. This process is called Advanced Standing.

How do I apply for this magical feature you say? Drop your eyes down to the next line and take a read.
Log on to Access Sheridan > My Student Centre > First drop down box under Academics click Transfer Credit Request > Click Advanced Standing and just follow the steps.

Where do I get this course outline they want me to upload?
Some Colleges and Universities have their course outlines on their websites. If you cannot locate them, simply e-mail the College or University to request the course outline to be e-mailed to you.

What if I am having issues with applying for Advanced Standing? 
pathways@sheridancollege.ca is a handy dandy e-mail address that can assist you or pop into the Student Services Centre (Room B230 at Davis,Room B104 at Trafalgar, or the welcome desk at HMC) for help.

And always remember to click Submit Application at the end!!! 


Keep Calm and Get Your Study On!!!

Melanie Harford

Frosh Week- Canada’s Wonderland!!

With the new year started and classes well on their way, frosh week provided a great chance to calm some nerves and celebrate the last of summer before its down to our studies for the year. One of these amazing activities was a great trip to Canada’s Wonderland on Saturday September 6th.

The day started off a little bit rainy but this turned into everyone’s favour as when we arrived it cleared up and we were greeted with a park that wasn’t too packed and a lot of fun too! The day went easy on the first years and those who were able to come on out and enjoy the day got the added bonus of at most half hour waits for some of the bigger rides and practically no lines on many more! A final goodbye from the summer vacation months and a gift to the students who were able to come out.

A big thank to the Student Union who ran the event and an even BIGGER thanks to those of you who came out and enjoyed yourself. Good luck with your second week of school everyone!