Frosh Week- Canada’s Wonderland!!

With the new year started and classes well on their way, frosh week provided a great chance to calm some nerves and celebrate the last of summer before its down to our studies for the year. One of these amazing activities was a great trip to Canada’s Wonderland on Saturday September 6th.

The day started off a little bit rainy but this turned into everyone’s favour as when we arrived it cleared up and we were greeted with a park that wasn’t too packed and a lot of fun too! The day went easy on the first years and those who were able to come on out and enjoy the day got the added bonus of at most half hour waits for some of the bigger rides and practically no lines on many more! A final goodbye from the summer vacation months and a gift to the students who were able to come out.

A big thank to the Student Union who ran the event and an even BIGGER thanks to those of you who came out and enjoyed yourself. Good luck with your second week of school everyone!


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