Slate Tip Trick

Having issues viewing your Slate e-mail?
Does the split view to read your e-mails have you grinding your teeth? (See pic above for example)
Want an easier way to view your e-mails?

Well I have the solution for you!!! Simply follow these directions and have a stress-free view of your Slate e-mails.

1. Open up your Slate e-mail
2. Locate and click on the settings button (top right hand corner)
3. Uncheck the Show the Message Preview Pane (under the Display Options heading)
4. Save

And there you go!! You should now have a single box with all of your e-mails listed. When you double click on an e-mail, a new window should pop open!! Share with your friends this new found knowledge and be the hero of the day (or at least for an hour).

Also keep in mind to always check your Slate e-mail. There is a lovely little red notification dot that pops up when you have an e-mail. However, sometimes this dot takes the day off and doesn’t show up. ALWAYS open up your e-mail to double check if you have an e-mail or not.

And remember……..

Keep calm and get your study on!!!
Melanie Harford


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