Break Week – October 20 – 24

Hey everyone!!

Break week  is almost here!  I can picture you all silently smiling and formulating your break-week plans in your minds.
Here is your chance to catch up on your sleep or go and have some fun!

Break week is also a great time to catch up or get ahead of your homework and to study for some of those tests. Take advantage of this great opportunity and complete some of those assignments in advance; it will allow you to breathe a bit more easier in the future weeks to come.
The College will remain open during break week and services will be available to students.  

Here is some activity ideas to do while on break:
1. Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland (open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays)
2. Visit Downey’s Farm (great for parents with young children)
3. Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto
4. Go apple picking ( one place you could visit as a suggestion: )
5. Watch some classic horror movies on AMC FearFest (Channel 32) starting October 17 – October 31

And remember……..
Keep calm and get your study on!

Melanie Harford


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