Know Your Peer: Jessa Dalit

We’re back! It’s the fifth week of the Know Your Peer spotlight! In these posts, we interview one of the peer mentors to get their perspective on working as a Peer Mentor, studying at Sheridan and life outside of school!

This week’s post features Jessa Dalit, a first year Peer Mentor from the Hazel McCallion Campus!

What program are you in?

Business Administration- Accounting Advanced Diploma

What do you like to do when you aren’t at school or helping students?

Cooking, watching documentaries and spending time with my family.

Fun fact about you? (Talent, etc;):

I want to open a food truck selling sandwiches in the future!

How long have you been a Peer Mentor for?

This is my first year as a peer mentor.

Why did you decide to become a Peer Mentor?

I wanted to become a peer mentor for various reasons. One reason is because I wanted to leave my mark on Sheridan College. The other significant reason for my desire to become a peer mentor is because I wanted to maximize the student experience for others in a positive way and becoming a peer mentor has allowed me to do so.

What was your first year like?

Having gone to other post-secondary institutions, I wasn’t new at this college/university thing. I thought I understood what was expected of me as a student. It wasn’t until my first week at Sheridan when I realized what was really expected of me. Throughout my first year, I was consistently inspired to do my best and think “Big”. What this meant was thinking beyond my current intellectual abilities and see what I could potentially be or do five or ten year from now. To this day, I continue to use this mentality to motivate me to do well in school. In addition, being more involved with Sheridan has also given me more reasons to aspire great things for my future.

Any tips you can share from experience?

I’ve got two tips! My number one tip would be: Start studying NOW. Some students think that they don’t need to study until exam time approaches. What I found beneficial was to take notes in class and study them as soon as I got home. When I did this, I began to understand the simpler concepts earlier and the tougher ones were a piece of cake! You’ll be surprised how much less you have to cram once exam time comes. My second tip would be: Ask questions! I cannot stress this tip enough. I’ll admit, in high school when I didn’t understand something the instructor was teaching- I would wait till I got my tests back to see what the right answer was. It’s a little different in college. Not only are you investing your time however you are investing hard earned money and there are no free do-overs or second chances. Your education is something that no one can take away from you, so do it well!



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