Know Your Peer: Kristen Schagen

Week six of the Know Your Peer spotlight is here! In these posts, we interview one of the peer mentors to get their perspective on working as a Peer Mentor, studying at Sheridan and life outside of school!

This week’s post features Kristen Schagen, a third year Peer Mentor from the Trafalgar Campus!

What program are you in?

Art and Art History.

What do you like to do when you aren’t at school or helping students?

Drawing, reading Batman, watching Netflix or going on a walk.

Fun fact about you? (Talent, etc;):

I can wiggle my ears one at a time or together.

How long have you been a Peer Mentor for?

3 years (including this year).

Why did you decide to become a Peer Mentor?

I was starting my second program at Sheridan and wanted to give back to Sheridan and share what I have learned.

What was your first year like?

I was in Art Fundamentals and it went by way too quickly. At first I was nervous about making friends, however I soon found out people in the same program as me shared some of the same interests as me….like Pokemon. By the end of the year Sheridan had become to feel like a second home and I couldn’t wait until I came back for the next year.

Any tips you can share from experience?

Get involved! You gain more experience than your program alone will give you and you’ll have more fun; your college years will fly by quicker than you expect them to.



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