United Way Campaign of 2014

United Way agencies assist individuals to become resilient people, strengthen families and create vibrant neighbourhoods and communities. Through a network of dedicated agencies serving all segments of the population – young and old, women and men, workers and retirees, immigrants and refugees, and families of all kinds – united, we change lives and build better futures.

The United Way Campaign is supported proudly by Sheridan and as such will be having some events run over the next two weeks!

A spaghetti lunch will be taking place 3 days this week with the following schedule:

Tuesday. November 18th ~ 11AM – 2PM located at the Davis Campus

Wednesday. November 19th ~ 11AM – 1PM located at the STC/HMC Campus’


Thursday. November 20th ~ 11AM – 2PM located at the Trafalgar Campus

There will also be a campus wide Cinnamon Bun Breakfast next week Tuesday. November 25th from 9AM – 11:30AM!

Check out more information about the United Way Campaign at this link here:


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