Did you know??

Did you know?
You can still use the Health Centre Services even if you opted out of Sheridan’s Health and Dental plan.

Did you know?
Sheridan has upgraded their shuttle bus and is bigger than ever!!

Did you know?
Sheridan offers free legal advice for all students at the Student Union.

Did you know?
Sheridan has its own Staples like business called Grenville. A one-stop shop for all your paper needs (located in the B-wing).

Did you know?
You can get your flu shot at the Sheridan Health Centre Monday to Friday from 9-3. Remember you need to stay for at least 15 minutes after you get your flu shot.

Did you know?
Feel like taking in a bit of History? Like Art and other interesting artifacts? Sheridan students get a 30% discount at the ROM. Buy your tickets online at www.rom.ca and use the promo code SHERIDAN.

Did you know?
There are plenty of ways to get involved here at Sheridan. Make the most of your school years and live a little!! https://www.sheridancollege.ca/life-at-sheridan/student-services/student-leadership/get-involved.aspx

Did you know?
Sheridan offers a Safe Walk. This program is designed to make students feel safe. Security (one male and one female) will escort a student to the parking lots, Residence area, on campus paths, hallways, and outside of Sheridan Building. Don’t forget to have your OneCard on you.

Did you know?
https://www.places4students.com/ is a great website to locate an affordable living space if you decide to live off campus.

And remember….
Keep Calm and Get Your Study On!!

Melanie H.


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