Are you a little nuts?

Has someone ever looked at something you’ve done or said as if you did it with two heads?

Have you ever exclaimed enthusiastically “Eureka” after figuring out a problem that you’d been tackling for a time?

Yes. No. It doesn’t really matter. It made perfect sense to you at the time and probably sparked a creative approach to an interesting idea, so no matter what anyone tells you…join the nutter brigade and become recognized as an original thinker. This club requires no membership, no proclamation of loyalty, and no fees. It only requires you to constantly challenge your way of thinking and expand your intellectual horizons, and the best part is this club isn’t regulated. You can come and go as you please, but keep in mind…the longer you stick around the better you will become.

So strive for the ridiculous and the impossible but someday you may just prove the impossible…well possible. 😀


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