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Do you remember your questions for your Peer Mentors when we were talking on the phone in the summer? We remember those questions too, and we remember you. We hope we are also memorable to you as we are your first student contacts at Sheridan College.

How did you feel talking with us through the phone? Did we talk too fast? Or did we talk too much? We’re actually funnier and much more interesting out in the real world than we were on the phone! We’re glad that we are able to mentor you, and we’re happy to have you as a new friend.

In some perspective, we are you guys. We had our first year experiences, which were also filled with questions, concerns and of course those mornings running late for classes. So you can rest assured that we understand your problems. Even when we are not able to give you the answer right away, we’ll make sure to guide and refer you to the right place.

Don’t forget that as students, we are not alone in this learning journey to a brighter future. We have teachers, faculty members and amazing advisors on our side. As Peer Mentors, we work closely with them not only to make sure our solutions to you are precise and appropriate, but also to suggest a safe place for you to fall back to when we’re not there.

More than that, we want you to feel welcomed in the Sheridan community. We’ll introduce you to the “fun side” of the community where the exciting activities and events are happening. Come with us, learn more, know more, and make more friends!


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