Things to do in the first week of school

school-supplies1. Get your school supplies ready!
Notebooks, pencils, erasers, calculators – are you missing anything? Don’t forget your laptop if you’re a mobile student!


2. Get your textbooks!
The bookstore will be more than ready to help you with your learning materials. Get your books early if you can because there will be a line of people waiting!


3. Have your timetable ready!
It’s always a good thing to print your timetable or save it in your phone’s album for the first few weeks since you’re new to the schedule. Don’t forget to give yourself some time to find classes because you can run late looking for classrooms!


Find out what events are coming up!
Sheridan always creates interesting events for first year students. Seize your opportunities to network and learn new things!


5. Look for on-campus activities – get involved!
Sheridan and the Student Union provide a variety of clubs for our students to get involved. Find a club of your interest to pursue learning and professional development outside of the classroom by participating in Co-Curricular Record (CCR) activities!


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