College Expectation vs College Reality

 d2Expectation: You’re free to do whatever you want, whenever you want and however you want. There is no time constraint; you’ll have more free time than ever!  

Reality: -You have more responsibility than you’ve ever had before. Assignments, projects, extra-curricular activities, nobody’s holding your hand and spoon feeding you anymore. 2014-03-24-pakorn-thumb Expectation: You’re an adult now; you’ve got life figured out.

Reality: -You’re just as lost as ever and still trying to figure things out. Maybe you’re not in the right program; maybe it’s not your major; maybe a diploma isn’t what you need. You’re expected to spend more time than ever thinking about your future. Life gets more complicated.

bigstock-time-in-business-45300061Expectation: Party all the time! #TURNUP

Reality: You can’t party all the time without sacrificing grades or sacrificing money! Be careful with balancing your personal life and college life. Look out for our Time Management workshops! 8193348_orig Expectation: -You’re going to be alone and have no friends because they all went to different schools. You’re going to miss your friends so much.

Reality: The truth is you are going to miss your old friends. But we are here for you! Your peer mentor is your new friend. Also, you are going to make tons of new connections with your classmates!

Experience-defintion-About-Us1 Expectation: -An opportunity to figure yourself out and become the person you want to be.

Reality:-College is definitely going to be the place where you can experience new things, become a better person and figure everything out. Don’t worry if you feel lost because we’ve all been there.

Share your thoughts with us about how your reality has met your expectations in the comment section!


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