Fallin’ into Autumn

That’s right folks, Autumn is HERE. Gone away are the days of swimsuits and sail-boats, and here to stay are pumpkin spice lattes, colourful leaves, and brisk morning walks to school (gotta love those 8 AM classes!).

To commemorate the glorious changing of seasons, here’s a poem to brighten your day.

Fallin’ into Autumn 

Fall, fall is here to stay

Summer, Summer is gone away

As the Tim Horton’s line starts to grow

To my first class of the day, I must go

Feet crunching on fallen leaves

Everything bagel, with extra cream cheese

I see my friends as I walk through the hall

We’re all excited that now, it is Fall

I make it to my class, a few minutes to spare

Professor and peers, they’re all there

I sit and wonder what I will learn today

But all that matters

is that Fall is here to stay.



One thought on “Fallin’ into Autumn

  1. Lady Gaga says:

    I LOVE THE POEM! #fangirling #yasss

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