Sheridan’s First Non-Digital Game Jam Happens October 2-3!


The weekend of October 2 & 3 @ Trafalgar in B306, Sheridan is having their first Paper Bag Jam: a digital-free game jam and it’s being run by your very own Game Design Peer Mentor: 3rd year B.A. Game Design student Meagan Byrne! This is the fourth game jam Meagan has coordinated and the third one hosted at Sheridan.

What is a Game Jam? It’ basically an event where participants try to make a game as quickly as possible. And at this one absolutely no video games will be made! Instead, in 24hrs, participants will form teams to make non-digital games using simple materials: paper, pencil, cards, board plus a secret item every team needs to incorporate into their game!

At Paper Bag Jam we want to focus on game design basics so the games you’ll make here are going to be anything that can be played by one or more people and doesn’t require a computer! It could be games of chance or skill, party games or strategy games, storytelling or abstract games. Games played with cards, on a board, or with nothing more than people, a few rules, and imagination!

We’ll begin with an introduction to the Jam and a few short talks about game development. We’ll also play a few ice breaker games to help participants get to know each other. Facilitators will then lead the participants through a team forming session. Usually game jams have a theme but instead of a theme each team at Paper Bag Jam will receive a mystery item in a brown paper bag.

The Jam runs from 7pm Friday, October 2nd to 6pm Saturday, October 3rd in B306 at the Trafalgar campus. So if you’re interested in coming, register at our Eventbrite page! If you have any questions you can contact Meagan at meagan.byrne@sheridancollege.caPaperBagJam_Logo2


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