“Question mark” Tour: What’s Interesting Around Your Campus? – Hazel McCallion

Located in the center of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion campus is surrounded by many beneficial and interesting locations. Realizing how much Sheridan’s students can take advantage of these areas, we created this blog just for you.

(Notice the little question mark; it’s your peer mentor Karlo Galang)



Square One Shopping Center

Did you know that…?
Square One Shopping Center is the largest shopping mall in Ontario and the third largest in all of Canada! Square One has so many benefits that a student can take advantage of, the food court, post office, office supply stores, clothing shops, fitness center and also a grocery supermarket.


Living Arts Centre

 Open since 1997, the Living Arts Centre is a great place for students to interact with and enjoy different forms of art. Sheridan College is well-known for its cultural diversity, and so is the Living Arts Centre with dozens of Mississauga arts organizations and community cultural groups!


YMCA Center

This well-known community center happens to be located within a 5-minute walk from our campus. Full-time students at the Hazel McCallion campus can use their oneCARD to gain free access to many of the center’s services including gym, squash, swimming, yoga and more!


Celebration Square

Celebration Square is an amazing community area to celebrate life and cultural diversity. There are tons of activities for students to get involved in the community such as movie nights, culture festivals, market places, ribfest, skating and many more!


Cineplex Cinema

Cineplex offers 50% off movies every Tuesday for everyone!!! School is great to focus on but don’t get too stressed out. Look up some interesting movies and hang out with your friends! Did I tell you that it’s only a 5-minute walk away from the Hazel McCallion campus? 😉

Now that you know what’s interesting around the area, be active and get involve!


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