The Selfie Blog Post

This blog post is going to be focused on our beautiful campus itself and where we feel are the best spots to take selfies.

H1  H12

The Living Wall Sheridan College always values the benefit of having an environment-friendly architecture.
What are you waiting for? Get your phone ready for some lively selfies! #Green #LivingWall

H5 H21

Ah, the obligatory photo with Sheridan’s signature “S”. It’s almost a tradition at this point that at one point during your career at Sheridan you take at least one picture here. Go Sheridan! #SheridanS

H3 H31

You might wonder where is the perfect spot to sit down, chat with your friends, and to look fabulous at the same time. Well, Purple is the new Black! The purple pit is perfect for you and your friends’ selfies! #PurpleisthenewBlack #Purplepit

H4 H41

Where else on the campus would be more exciting the SSU corner? Especially with the rebranded wall, you are welcome to a perfect background for your selfie experiences! #SSU

Now that you know these locations, get yourself, your friends, and your phone ready for tons of amazing selfies!



Hey all you first years! We’re almost there! So close! It’s almost READING WEEK!

Reading week takes place from October 26th-30th 2015, and what it means is that there are NO SCHEDULED CLASSES for MOST PROGRAMS. If you’re unsure if you get a break or not, contact your professors, program coordinator or faculty.keep-calm-its-almost-reading-week

Reading week is a week off from school that gives you the chance to catch up on readings, assignments, projects, and SLEEP!!

Some people go home for the week, some work the whole time, everyone is different, just make sure you take advantage of this much needed break from the hectic life of a college student!


Just because classes aren’t happening during reading week, that doesn’t mean that the school is closed!

It’s the exact opposite actually!

The school will be open as usual as will all services on campus for their regular operating hours.

Some of the handy services you can use during reading week are:

The Student Services Centre (Room B104)

  • Counselling, Student Advisors, Accessible Learning.

Library and Learning Centre 

  • Citation and format help, research assistance, peer tutoring etc.

Health Centre

  • Doctors and nurses available on campus to provide medical attention, vaccines and allergy injections, educational health services, and more.

Athletics and Recreation

  • At the Athletics Centre at the back of the campus: free gym membership, access to fitness facilities with oneCARD, recreational sports, etc.

Aboriginal Initiatives (Room B127)

  • Open to students from all walks of life, but specifically catered towards students who identify as Aboriginal

These services are available to you guys not only through reading week, but throughout the entire school year, so don’t be afraid to use them whenever needed! They’re there for YOU!

So have an awesome Reading Week guys! Enjoy catching up on your readings (or sleeping) 🙂



That’s right folks, it’s almost MID-TERM TIME. In a few weeks you will have made it halfway through your first semester of school! And with that milestone comes: mid-term tests, projects, assignments, etc.!

As students ourselves, we know how you feel! And we know that midterms can be STRESSFUL, especially if this is your first time doing them.

To lay off all that overwhelming energy and stress, here’s  a list of websites that can help you to RELAX, CALM DOWN, and TAKE SOME TIME FOR YOURSELF in this busy time of year.


Do you like cool, calming waters? Towering mountains? Serenity? then this website is perfect for you. Set a timer for yourself and relax to the beautiful view and sounds of CALM if you’re in search of a much needed refresher.


This one is for all of you creative types! Swirl around and create a symmetrical, colourful galaxy as you de-stress and relax from the busyness that is student life.


Who doesn’t love the calm and soothing sound of rain pitter pattering on their window sill? If you’re having trouble sleeping at night because of all your assignment, or just need a relaxing soundtrack to work to, Rain For Me is the perfect solution. Just sit back and relax to the ambient sounds of nature, and soak in the tranquillity.

Good luck on your mid terms first years! and stay STRESS FREE!!

Know Your First Year Connections Peer Mentor!

Lauren Mery

Week 4 of the Know Your First Year Connections Peer Mentor spotlight is here! Today’s post features Lauren Mery, a second year Peer Mentor from the Davis Campus! She is going to shed some light on being a Peer Mentor and her first year experiences!

  1. What program are you in? 

I am in the Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership.

  1. What is the best part about being a Peer Mentor? 

The best part about being a Peer Mentor is meeting all the mentees and building connections with them. I love answering their questions and building a positive relationship with them.

  1. What is your favourite thing to do?

My favourite thing to do is go for walks. I love to be outside.

  1. Why did you decide to become a Peer Mentor?

I decided to become a Peer Mentor after my first year at Sheridan College. My Peer Mentor really helped me and always took the time to answer my questions. She really made my first year at Sheridan a successful one!

  1. What was your first year like?

Scary. I had come straight from high school and felt really lost and alone. I didn’t know what my program was going to be like, what was expected of me or who I could turn to. After my first week, I made some new friends and was more used to the school. My first year was a really scary but great learning experience.

  1. What advice would you give to your first year self?

Advice I would give my first year self is to ask questions. I felt really shy and I didn’t want others to know I was confused. I’ve learned that having questions isn’t a bad thing; it’s helped me learn so much.

Know Your First Year Connections Peer Mentor!

Megan Blakes

Week 3 of the Know Your First Year Connections Peer Mentor spotlight is here! Today’s post features Megan Blakes, a first year Peer Mentor from the Trafalgar Campus! She is going to be giving you some insight on her life as a Peer Mentor and what it means to help others!

  1. What program are you in?

Bachelor of Illustration

  1. What is the best part about being a Peer Mentor?

Helping out students with the range of questions they have for us. Big or small, we are here to help.

  1. Give us a fun fact about you.

I am passionate about Kanye West’s music.

  1. Why did you decide to become a Peer Mentor?

I feel my history as a STAR really influenced me to become a Peer Mentor. When working with students as a STAR, I got to hear their journey of how they came to Sheridan. Though I was only giving general campus tours, I wanted to become even more knowledgeable about the campuses and the programs Sheridan offers. Becoming a Peer Mentor allows me to further connect with the students past their initial story I would get as a STAR and see them through their journey at Sheridan.

  1. What was your first year like?

My first year is kind of a blur to me. All I can remember is it was a very confusing time for me as it is for all first year students. This is the year it really begins to kick in that you’re an independent adult now.

  1. What advice would you give to your first year self?

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Student Advisement is a resource that you should fully take advantage of if you have any concerns.

Happy October!


Happy October, one and all! The second month of the school year is here and we can’t believe it! Seems like yesterday that we were calling all you first year students and welcoming you to the school during Orientation, and now look at you! Seasoned students in your sophomore month of post secondary school. October is here, and so are some very important dates to remember! October is a busy month for students (soooo many days off!) so here are some dates you should keep in your mind:

Monday, October 12th

  • Happy Thanksgiving! Whether or not you celebrate the holiday, you get this day off! On October 12th, Sheridan will be closed the entire day for the Thanksgiving holiday. No scheduled classes will be running, and most on-campus services will be closed.

Tuesday, October 20th

  • On October 20th, 2015, FALL FEES are due for all OSAP students. That’s right, the time is here… to pay your fees! Even though it may hurt, you HAVE to pay them by this date, or you will be charged 150 dollars for being late on your payment. Don’t be that person! And pay your fees 🙂

Monday, October 26th – Friday, October 30th

  • NO SCHEDULED CLASSES FOR MOST PROGRAMS!! That’s right folks, this is your READING WEEK! Reading Week is a week off given to students so that they can catch up on their readings and assignments, and sit back and relax a bit before mid-terms start. Double check with your professors if you are unsure if your classes will be running or not! The school will still be open on these days, and some services will be running.

Saturday, October 31st 

  • HALLOWEEN! Time to get SPOOKY!

Once again, happy October, everyone! Be proud of yourself, you’ve made it past your first month, and we’re all very proud of you! Keep on trucking through October, enjoy it while it lasts, and have a great month!