That’s right folks, it’s almost MID-TERM TIME. In a few weeks you will have made it halfway through your first semester of school! And with that milestone comes: mid-term tests, projects, assignments, etc.!

As students ourselves, we know how you feel! And we know that midterms can be STRESSFUL, especially if this is your first time doing them.

To lay off all that overwhelming energy and stress, here’s  a list of websites that can help you to RELAX, CALM DOWN, and TAKE SOME TIME FOR YOURSELF in this busy time of year.


Do you like cool, calming waters? Towering mountains? Serenity? then this website is perfect for you. Set a timer for yourself and relax to the beautiful view and sounds of CALM if you’re in search of a much needed refresher.



This one is for all of you creative types! Swirl around and create a symmetrical, colourful galaxy as you de-stress and relax from the busyness that is student life.



Who doesn’t love the calm and soothing sound of rain pitter pattering on their window sill? If you’re having trouble sleeping at night because of all your assignment, or just need a relaxing soundtrack to work to, Rain For Me is the perfect solution. Just sit back and relax to the ambient sounds of nature, and soak in the tranquillity.


Good luck on your mid terms first years! and stay STRESS FREE!!


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