Hey all you first years! We’re almost there! So close! It’s almost READING WEEK!

Reading week takes place from October 26th-30th 2015, and what it means is that there are NO SCHEDULED CLASSES for MOST PROGRAMS. If you’re unsure if you get a break or not, contact your professors, program coordinator or faculty.keep-calm-its-almost-reading-week

Reading week is a week off from school that gives you the chance to catch up on readings, assignments, projects, and SLEEP!!

Some people go home for the week, some work the whole time, everyone is different, just make sure you take advantage of this much needed break from the hectic life of a college student!


Just because classes aren’t happening during reading week, that doesn’t mean that the school is closed!

It’s the exact opposite actually!

The school will be open as usual as will all services on campus for their regular operating hours.

Some of the handy services you can use during reading week are:

The Student Services Centre (Room B104)

  • Counselling, Student Advisors, Accessible Learning.

Library and Learning Centre 

  • Citation and format help, research assistance, peer tutoring etc.

Health Centre

  • Doctors and nurses available on campus to provide medical attention, vaccines and allergy injections, educational health services, and more.

Athletics and Recreation

  • At the Athletics Centre at the back of the campus: free gym membership, access to fitness facilities with oneCARD, recreational sports, etc.

Aboriginal Initiatives (Room B127)

  • Open to students from all walks of life, but specifically catered towards students who identify as Aboriginal

These services are available to you guys not only through reading week, but throughout the entire school year, so don’t be afraid to use them whenever needed! They’re there for YOU!

So have an awesome Reading Week guys! Enjoy catching up on your readings (or sleeping) 🙂



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