The Selfie Blog Post

This blog post is going to be focused on our beautiful campus itself and where we feel are the best spots to take selfies.

H1  H12

The Living Wall Sheridan College always values the benefit of having an environment-friendly architecture.
What are you waiting for? Get your phone ready for some lively selfies! #Green #LivingWall

H5 H21

Ah, the obligatory photo with Sheridan’s signature “S”. It’s almost a tradition at this point that at one point during your career at Sheridan you take at least one picture here. Go Sheridan! #SheridanS

H3 H31

You might wonder where is the perfect spot to sit down, chat with your friends, and to look fabulous at the same time. Well, Purple is the new Black! The purple pit is perfect for you and your friends’ selfies! #PurpleisthenewBlack #Purplepit

H4 H41

Where else on the campus would be more exciting the SSU corner? Especially with the rebranded wall, you are welcome to a perfect background for your selfie experiences! #SSU

Now that you know these locations, get yourself, your friends, and your phone ready for tons of amazing selfies!


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