A Poem For November


For some reason, there are lots of famous poems that are synonymous with the month November. There’s In Flanders Fields (written by a Canadian!), The Fifth of November, and many more! So I thought, why not make a new November poem, to fit in with the ranks of the greats, and to reflect student life. Happy reading!

A Poem for November

November, November

The month forgotten most

Stuck between October and December

But at what cost?

A month usually cold

But yet this year is hot

And truth be told

A month I almost forgot

November, November

Please go by quickly

November, November

Why is everyone sickly?

Christmas is almost here, Halloween is no more

November, November

Why such a bore?

Too late for midterms, too early for exams

Thanksgiving is a thing of the past

But now poppies are on hand

Remember, remember

The fifth of November

And remember, remember

The eleventh of November

So November, November

Please be good to all of us

And November, November

Don’t let your weather put up a fuss



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