Remember, Remember These Important Dates in November and December!

Hey there First Year students!

Today is November 18th, which means the Fall 2015 term will be over in exactly a month, how exciting is that?? Feels like just yesterday we began, and now the term is almost over! With the end of term comes projects, assignments, tests and exams, of course, but so does some really important dates and information! So keep reading to find out what you should be putting into your calendars!

November 18th (TODAY)6tyooakrc

  • FINAL DAY for returning NON-OSAP students to pay their fees for the Winter Term. The day is today, so if you haven’t done that yet, get on it! If you do not pay your fees on time, you may be charge a late fee, and your timetable could be delayed.

November 27th 

  • 2000px-no_sign-svgThe LAST DAY to drop a class without ACADEMIC PENALTY. By now it is too late into the term to get money back after dropping a course, but if you drop it before the 27th of this month, you will be able to escape receiving academic penalty for said class.


December 7th (8:30 AM – 4:30 PM)

  • ENROLMENT APPOINTMENTS  for all Accessible Learning Students.

December 8th (7:00 AM)

  • ENROLMENT APPOINTMENTS for New Pilon School of Business students, Early Childhood Education students, and Educational Support students with custom timetables. At 7 AM on December 8th, those students with custom timetables that are in these programs will be able to create their timetables and pick their originalelectives. HELPFUL TIP: Get on the server as soon as possible in the morning once it opens! Classes fill up very quickly!
  • TIMETABLE PREVIEW for all assigned timetable students. You will be able to get to see your timetable in advance before you pick your electives.

December 9th (7:00 AM)

  • ENROLMENT APPOINTMENTS for returning Pilon School of Business students with custom timetables.

December 11th (7:00 AM)

  • ENROLMENT APPOINTMENTS for students with assigned timetables. At 7:00 AM students will be able to choose their electives and move around their classes if their program permits it.

December 18th

  • LAST DAY of Fall Term Classes! December 18th will be the last day of classes and last day of exams for most students! This day marks the end of the first term of this Academic year, and marks the beginning of the Winter Break! It’s only a month away, so you can start getting excited NOW!

NOTE: All timetables are subject to change up until the first week of classes (or possibly beyond).

Be sure to remember the dates that apply to you, and have a great last month of school!



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