Happy Last Week of the Fall Term!

congratulationsHeaderWE DID IT!! 14 weeks later and we have finally made it to the end of the fall semester. For some of you, this means that you are already half way through your program, and for others, you’re just one step closer to finishing your post-secondary career.

From all of us First Year Connections Peer Mentors, we just want to wish you good luck on you final exams and assignments, and hope you have a great winter break. tumblr_mx52viPXJt1r6daipo1_500

*Also, just a quick reminder of these important upcoming dates.

Dec 23rd (at noon), 2015 to January 3rd, 2016

  • All campuses closed for “Holiday closure”

January 4th, 2016

  • All campuses and services are re-opened after holiday closure

orvwjJanuary 11th 

  • First day of classes for Winter 2016 term


See you next term!!!

Later days First Years 🙂



Know Your First Year Connections Peer Mentor

Week 9 of the Know Your First Year Connections Peer Mentor spotlight is here! Today’s post features Daniel Mejia, a first year Peer Mentor from the Davis Campus! He is going to shed some light on the things he loves most about being a Peer Mentor!

Daniel Mejia

  1. What program are you in?

I am in my second year of the Child and Youth Care program!

  1. What is the best part about being a Peer Mentor?

I think the best part about being a Peer Mentor would be all of the great people I’ve got to meet. I’ve made such great friends who have been supportive and have helped make all of my days so enjoyable. Along with that there have been so many other students I’ve had a chance to chat with, get to know, learn about their passions, and helping them any way I can to achieve their goals has been extremely fulfilling. Being a Peer Mentor has provided me with so much growth and experience that it will definitely be something I will remember fondly.

  1. Give us a fun fact about you.

I have this habit whenever I see a dog, whatever size it may be, and instantly shout (with excitement) “PUPPY!” Then ask if I may pet them.

  1. Why did you decide to become a Peer Mentor?

I was looking for something to add to my routine. My first year was all about my classes, studying and assignments and I felt like I needed to shake things up a bit. I had met the Peer Mentor for my program and noticed so many skills and attributes that I would have loved to have or even work on. I also wanted to be able to help make a difference for someone coming into a new setting, whether it’s their first time or not. To help that transition be a little smoother in whatever way I can.

  1. What was your first year like?

My first year was a little scary. I had been out of school for a year so I was a little nervous coming back into school. It proved to be difficult because it wasn’t exactly a program I had a huge interest in, I found a lack of engagement, and enthusiasm in myself doing what I was doing and struggled to keep up. It had taken me a couple tries trying out different programs until I had found one that struck a chord in me, and found my passions within the Child and Youth Care program.

  1. What advice would you give to your first year self?

What advice would I give myself? So much, but I think more than anything is to take the time to find something that you want. Ask yourself questions like “What drives you?” “What’s that one thing you always find yourself doing?” “Is this really for me?” and the most important thing “Do I see myself doing this?” Don’t be afraid to experiment with what Sheridan has to offer, it is your future.


Hey everyone!

Today is December 1st, which means that Winter Timetables are a week away!

As mentioned in our post from two weeks ago (https://goo.gl/9gCfCS) Winter Timetables will be released or ready to build on these dates:

December 7th: All Accessible Learning students

December 8th: Enrolment appointments for new Pilon School of Business students, Early Childhood Education students, and Educational Support students with Custom Timetables AND Timetable Preview for all students with Assigned Timetables

December 9th: Enrolment appointments  for returning Pilon school of Business with Custom Timetables

December 11th: Enrolment appointments for all students with Assigned Timetables (class swap, elective selection etc.)Ratchet_and_Clank_question_marks

But wait… you may be thinking: How do I view my timetable? How do I add an elective? Am I able to switch my classes around?

Have no fear, first years! We have those answers for you!

If you’ve never been to it before, checkout this handy website:


This website is basically an online informational version of the Office of the Registrar!

On this website you can find tutorials, information, and tools that will help you understand and be able to navigate Access Sheridan, Mystudent Centre and your Timetable.

Also, to see if your program is exempt from being able to swap around classes, check out this chart: http://myotr.sheridancollege.ca/swap.html

If you have any further questions about the add/swap/drop process, or about timetables in general, contact your Peer Mentor by email and they will be able to point you in the right direction 🙂