No Money, More Problems

TumbleweedHey there first years!

Now that the semester is in full swing let’s get into some real student topics, and I’m sure it’s something we can all get on the same page for – money. With the costs of tuition and books, added on top of everything else in your life, it can start getting a little costly. Wallets begin to look like wastelands (tumbleweed included) and you may find yourself feasting on one too many of those ramen noodles, as delicious (and versatile) as they may be.

Sheridan College offers a Tuition Set-Aside Bursary for students to apply for.  It’s easy, it’s fun… It’s eye-opening. What do you mean it’s eye opening? Well fellow students, it’s all about exploring and finding out for yourself, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be leaving you hanging.

To apply for the Tuition Set-Aside Bursary, just head on over to Access Sheridan and log in with your username and password -> Click on “myStudentCenter” -> and in the drop box under “Finances” click on “Apply for Bursary” and follow the four easy steps. The deadline is February 12th so hurry on over and fill out that application!

It’s as simple as that folks; of course there are other ways to earn some funds for your education! Sheridan offers otheRaining Moneyr scholarships and bursaries as well, just click on the drop box under “Finances” and select “Online Award Application” and begin applying for bursaries!

No one wants something to slow them down on their paths to success, and Sheridan can help you to earn that money to make it rain, appropriately.

Of course if you ever have any questions about OSAP or bursaries/awards you can always feel free to ask the experts over in the  Financial Aid Office at Davis in room B212h, Trafalgar in room D100 or HMC at the  Welcome Desk. You can also send them an email at

That’s about it for today folks but remember, your Peer Mentors are always there to support you in any way we can so don’t be shy and send us an email whenever you have a question or concern!


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