Library Services and Such

Happy week four fellow students, how you holding up? Have you hopped on that coffee or energy drink train? Or perhaps Coffeeyou’re on that highest amount of caffeine that tea can offer regimen; what? Only me? Awkward.

Putting aside my lame attempts at finding ways to become functional in the mornings, congratulations everyone for getting to week three! It may only be the beginning, but the wheels are starting to turn and this journey is well on its way to its destination, wherever that may be for you.

As the weeks have been rolling by, you may have been hearing whispers about assignments. And, what’s this about a test? Also what is this citation/referencing my professors keep talking about?

Question Marks“Wait, what?”

 – Ancient proverb used by students

Let’s get real, we’ve all been there. After watching our professor solve that math problem, or explain a theory you’ve never even heard of, it still didn’t make any sense. Well if you are in need of some clarification, taking advantage of the library’s tutoring service may prove to be helpful. They offer free tutoring in Computer Programming, Math, English and Business Math. They also offer more one-on-one tutoring at a cost of $40 per course for ten hours.

APA, AMA, MLA, Chicago? I thought that was a city. Referencing is a cool way of being able to use the ideas and quotes of others to help support your assignment, while still giving credit where it’s due and avoiding plagiarism. But wait, there’s more! The different citation styles come with different ideas of how your assignment should be laid out, if you’re unsure which style you should be using make sure to ask your professor.

I could go on for hours about referencing and tutoring, but I will not do that, ever. Instead let the professionals over at the Library assist you! Not only are they there to help you throughout your academic career, they are also holding an event of their own! On February 2nd to February 4th you can stop by the Library at Davis in the J-wing, Trafalgar in the C-wing or HMC in A-217 or check out this link for more information and participate in the Citation Campaign, and isn’t it better to learn something new when fun is involved?

If you ever have questions about any of the services the library has to offer you can always go to their website or head on over to the reference desk at Trafalgar in the C-Wing, Davis in J124, and HMC at A217. You can always ask your Peer Mentor as well!


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