New Year, New Resolutions

Hello friends, and welcome to another segment of “Getting to Know Sheridan… Services” (creative huh?).

We heSleepy Catre at First Year Connections hope your semester is going great, but remember that even though grades and assignments are of high priority, you have to take care of number one. What? No, not me, you!

The key to success in any field, be it the work place or in an academic setting, is a good night’s rest and some good old-fashioned exercise. Now, I don’t mean running marathons at 6am before class or bench-pressing way more than you can handle to impress everyone around you, but maybe something like Zumba once a week.  The New Year has made us think about many year-long goals and resolutions, so why not utilize some of Sheridan’s services.

“Geez, I need to start working out”

– Me walking up the stairs

It’s starting to look like this college has something for everyone. Doing some weekly exercises Sheridan Gym 1can help keep you on your toes, maintain that energetic spirit, and it’s also good for the soul! What could be more important than the soul? Whether you like to stick to weight lifting or Sheridan Gym 2cardio, you can always pop by the on-campus weight and cardio rooms.

They are available to all Sheridan students. All you need to get inside these glamorous facilities is your Sheridan oneCARD (the one with the best photo of you of all time!).  But it doesn’t end there folks. Sheridan also offers intramural and extramural sports teams if you enjoy being active with a team, but if that isn’t your cup of tea you can always check out the many instructional classes offered on campus too. Did I mention that we also offer free tickets for swimming and ice skating once a week? I did now!

From Zumba to Yoga, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned work out individual or someone who wants to start getting active. Check out your Athletics centre at Trafalgar – in the J.M. Porter Athletic Centre, Davis – in the Davis Athletic Centre, and HMC… well, you have access to the YMCA at 325 Burnhamthorpe Road.

More information can be found here – or you can always contact your Peer Mentor. We are here for you!


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