Are You Considering Dropping a Class?

The sun is starting to grace us with its lovely glow, and the birds are beginning to sing their tunes at five in the morning. Is this Spring I am experiencing? Who knows, Mother Nature has been full of surprises this year, but rain or shine Sheridan College is always working for your education!

Hey look it’s another “Getting to know Sheridan… Services”!

First and foremost, welcome back fellow students! We hope you all had a very relaxing and awesome Reading Week! Now that we’re back in school, grades are starting to fill up those empty spaces on slate, giving you a better idea on where you’re standing in terms of your academics.


 – What I say to myself when I see my grades

Grade ChangeSo you might not have done that well during that midterm, or your paper might not have turned out the way you wanted it to, and your grades might have dropped… but that’s okay! We are all human and we all make mistakes here and there. What’s important to know is that Sheridan College is here to help you plan for the future!

Friday, April 1st is Sheridan College’s last day to drop a class without academic penaltyPeople Guiding. This means a “W”, which stands for withdrawal, will show up on your transcript instead of a grade. However, if you were thinking of dropping a class, you may have many questions about how to move forward. The advisors over at Student Advisement will be able to provide you with more information about when a class may be available again, fees, and implications of dropping classes. You can also reach them by sending an email to

SStudent Advisementtudents Advisors are available by drop-in or appointment in room B104 at Trafalgar, B230 at Davis, and at the Welcome Desk at HMC.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… if you ever have any questions or concerns always feel free to e-mail your Peer Mentors. We are always here to help you out as much as we can!


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