Summertime, Summertime Finance

BeachApril showers bring may flowers right? Then that means the end of the winter semester is just around the corner, and for some students that means it’s time to take on seasonal positions before fall!

Let’s do another “Getting to know Sheridan… Services” and hear about some new opportunities shall we?

“It’s off to work we go!”

– Snow White’s seven dwarfs

Tuition, books and the most important of them all, food! We all ha ve expenses that are merciless throughout the school year (I mean why not, sure, go ahead I didn’t need that cash at all!) and the summer break provides us with the opportunity of working full-time or part-time.

However, the job hunt is never an easy task, and finding a place that’s hiring isn’t the easiest either. It’s almost like they want it to be a secret. Well secrets were meant to be Work Deskdiscovered and answered, and I’ll be able to get your foot in the door!

Sheridan College’s Career Centre offers its students a web-based service for Sheridan’s students, graduates and the employers who wish to recruit them.  It’s easy to register and even easier to find opportunities that you can take advantage of and it’s all here

Of course there’s more to getting a job than just finding what’s available. You still need a strong resume, cover letter and someConversation (Interview) interview skills that will make you stand out! The Career Centre is always available to Sheridan Students for support to help give you that edge you need in this competitive day and age!

Just head on over to your campus Student Services Centre and set-up an appointment; they are available in room B230 at Davis, at the Welcome Desk at HMC, and at Trafalgar head on over to the Career Centre in room D103.

And of course, your Peer Mentors are always there to help you out!


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