5 Ways to Save Money on Campus



Between commuting to school, buying all of the textbooks that you need for your classes, and maybe you had to buy a new laptop this year… school can be a little draining on our pockets. That’s why us peer mentors have compiled a short list about how you can save some money while you’re on campus at Sheridan (you may notice a theme… hint: it’s a card).

  1. Your OneCard! Your OneCard is so much more than a pretty face. Not only does your OneCard allow you access to a multitude of on-campus services, you can also use it as payment at on-campus food services, and the bookstore.

    You can set yourself an on-campus budget with your OneCard by loading a limited amount to your flex account instead of mindlessly swiping your debit/credit.


  2. Take advantage of the silver sticker on the back of your OneCard! That shiny sticker grants you a discount on GO Transit. All that you have to do is go in to your local GO Station, show guest services the sticker, and your Presto card (you can buy it at the station if you don’t have one yet) will be updated to a new rate.
  3. (Davis and Trafalgar students only): Utilize our on-campus gym! Your OneCard is your membership. Why travel to different studios for Yoga, Zumba, and Pilates when you can access them on-campus? That’s just the beginning of what we offer. Please visit the Sheridan Athletics Centre to learn more about our facilities.

    (HMC students only): Did you know that you have access to the YMCA at Living Arts and Burnhamthorpe? All you need is your OneCard! You will have access to equipment, instructional classes, and best of all, the pool. Nothing like an early morning dip.
  4. Take our inter-campus shuttle! Do you live in Oakville, but go to school at HMC? Do you live in Brampton, but take classes at Trafalgar? The list goes on… We offer an inter-campus shuttle between all campuses completely free of charge. All you need to get on the bus is – you guessed it, your OneCard. To view the inter-campus shuttle schedule, please visit: https://www.sheridancollege.ca/life-at-sheridan/campus-services/inter-campus-shuttle.aspx.
  5. Did you know that our Sheridan Tutoring Centre offers free Math and English tutoring? It may be your first time conquering Calculus, and it may be confusing, but we’re here to help – without draining your bank account. Please visit the Tutoring section on the Sheridan website to view our hours, and more information: https://www.sheridancollege.ca/life-at-sheridan/student-services/tutoring.aspx.

With all of these tips, you’ll be on your way to better managing your student budget. These tips will help grant you more financial freedom, and hopefully give you a savings plan for a fun trip during Reading Week! Happy saving!



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