Third week at Sheridan!

Welcome to the First Year!!

I know the first year at college is a new experience for most people reading this post.

There is no particular topic in my head for this blog, so I am just going to talk about a few things that I found useful at Sheridan, when I was a first year student. Oh! Yeah! College! Canada! These were the things in my mind when I boarded the flight from India to Canada. Oops! I forgot to introduce myself, I am Mahadevan. I am a First Year Connections Peer Mentor. Some of you may have received a call from me during the summer, inviting you to New Student Orientation! Well, coming back to the topic, which I don’t really have, but wait! I just got it! The topic for this blog is “Third week at Sheridan!

1st week is all about introductions and getting to know your instructors and also getting used to the new

2nd week is “Oh! Wow! These classes intensify fast!!

3rd week is when your classes are in full swing and assignments start piling up. If you are working part-time, that is also eating away your study time! You will probably start wondering where do the 24 hours in a day go?

time-managementLet me tell you something, get yourself a Planner from the Sheridan Student Union (2nd floor Union Square above The DEN), they really look good this year! I got mine, it is a black one! So once you have a planner, make sure you use it. Last year I sure got one and never used it until I realized the potential in it. Apart from the knowledge that you get from school, effectively managing your time teaches you a lot and you can get a lot done too!

Use the Tutoring services (Rm. J314L) and the Silent study rooms in the Library to get stuff done. Also grab some donuts from the Tims. Grab me one too please, I love donuts!

Some of you may have been to The Student Services Centre/ The Centre for Student Success (Rm. B230 at Davis, Rm. B104 at Trafalgar and Rm. A247 at HMC), during your first week.  For others, who have not been to the Centre, if you have any questions or concerns during your time at Sheridan, the centre is your 1st place to get in touch with student advisors, career counsellors, your amazing peer mentors, and more!

Make sure to check the Peer Mentor page to know more facts about us!



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