5 Mistakes that Students Make (that you can avoid!)


  • The most common mistake students make is arriving late to class! Try to attend all of your classes and arrive on time! Believe it or not, punctuality is extremely important. It creates a long lasting impression on both your professors and peers. Additionally, it helps you to build your credibility and reliance as a student. Your peers may be reluctant to choose you as a member of their group if you are always arriving late. As such, please give yourself enough time to get to your class on time as well as getting plenty of sleep and grabbing a delicious breakfast to start your day!

Checking Emails

  • Another common mistake is not checking your Sheridan student email! Your Sheridan student email is your main communication portal with Sheridan. This is where you get all of your updates, newsletter, events and announcements. Getting into a habit of checking your email at least once a day is extremely beneficial. It ensures that you never miss out on an opportunity that may be of interest to you such as attending career fairs, applying for co-op, job opportunities, registering for on-campus events and much more! Some tips that you can do to avoid missing any emails would be forwarding all your emails to your personal email and syncing your Sheridan student email to your phone.


On-Campus Resources

  • There are many resources available on campus to ensure students are getting the help they need. Some resources we have available on campus would be tutoring, career services, library, counselling, student advisement, health/fitness and much more. For example, a simple resource such as tutoring can make a difference from being a ‘B’ student to an ‘A’ student. Therefore, please take advantage of these resources because it is free as a Sheridan student!


  • We live in a generation of where multi-tasking has become an innate habit. Multi-tasking is the ability to simultaneously do various tasks at the same time. A prime example that we are guilty of doing as students would be watching Netflix while browsing social media and studying the night before your exam all at the same time. Although multi-tasking can be efficient, the opposite can be applied. For example, your final work may not be up to your standards because your focus is divided up. Studies have been shown that it is nearly impossible to focus on more than one task at a time. Therefore, it is recommended to set a routine schedule and focus on one task at a time.

Leaving things for the last minute and pulling all-nighters

  • Never ever leave things until the last minute! This will pressure prompt you to rush through your work in order to complete it by the deadline. As students, we have the tendency to pull all-nighter in order to complete the task on hand. Although you may be able to complete the task on time, you are compensating it for the quality of the work. The reason behind this is because you are operating on limited sleep and a goal of simply completing the task rather ensuring that the work is up to standards. The best technique to avoid leaving things last minute and most importantly pulling an all-nighter would be starting your work early! Believe me, it will save you a lot of time and stress if you do your work in small increments each day.



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