5 Ways to Deal with Stress at Sheridan

First semester is flying by! This is the time when your assignments start getting intense and so does the stress. If you are feeling overwhelmed, here are some ideas and resources at Sheridan that might help.


  • Wellness Wednesdays: Sometimes all we need to manage stress is simply a space to give our minds a break. If this is something that you need, come to B303 (Trafalgar campus) on Wednesdays from 12:15-12:35 to experience some guided meditation. It can help you feel grounded and a bit more in control of things!
  • Ask the question: If your stress is coming from lack of clarity, an unanswered question, or simply not knowing what to do in a certain situation, reach out and talk to someone. This might mean talking to a professor, either in person or via email. It might even mean speaking to a student advisor or a counsellor. If you have questions, drop by Student Services in B104 (Trafalgar campus) B230 (Davis Campus) or A247 (HMC). You can also email askanadvisor@sheridancollege.ca or your peer mentor for more direction.


  • Make a move: Exercise can really help combat stress. If you don’t have the budget for a gym membership, don’t worry! Your Sheridan oneCARD is a free pass to the gym on campus. For a low cost, you can also access Yoga and Spin classes. If all else fails, even taking a quick walk can work wonders.
  • Get involved: This may seem counter-intuitive, but sometimes involvement in an extra-curricular activity or club can help with stress management by allowing you to do something you enjoy (that isn’t studying)! It also gets you connected to the Sheridan community, which can be an amazing way to build relationships! If you have space in your schedule, take a look at Sheridan’s list of clubs and activities here. Also, keep an eye on your Sheridan emails for monthly newsletters, including important dates and events!
  • Tutoring: If all you need is a bit of extra help in one of your courses, there’s good news! Sheridan offers tutoring services. Tutoring is free in Math, Java or English. If there is a specific course you need tutoring in, there is a $40 fee (still not too bad)! Look here for more information!

Don’t let stress get the better of you! Take advantage of the resources available to you right here on campus.


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