It’s Midterm Time!

Hi, everyone! Do you know what time it is? It’s midterm time! I did my best to make that sound exciting, but hey, I’m only human. On the bright side, the beginning of midterms means that we’re already halfway through the semester. Isn’t that crazy? What do you mean that we’ve been here for 7 weeks? I just got here!

Midterms can be stressful, but it really just depends on how you approach it. Do you have a game plan? My game plan includes an extremely full Google Calendar (but I love it, because I can see exactly what I need to do this week, and when – to the hour!), lots of to-do lists, and maybe more coffee than I should be allowed. 😜

It’s easy for all of these things to get lost somewhere in the midterm tornado. Do you know what time your test is at? Do you know when you’re planning to study? What on earth is the definition for that, again? What’s 2+2? I threw in an easy one to get you started on the right track. 😉  To make things easier, I’ve compiled a little midterm checklist. Please feel free to create your own, and check things off as you go. It’s so gratifying!


Good luck on midterms everyone. You’ve got this!


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