5 Ways to Get Involved On Campus


There are so many benefits to getting involved in campus. You gain experience, you learn how to work on different kinds of teams, and best of all, you get to meet some pretty incredible people – at least in my experience. Getting involved opens so many doors, and opens you to so many connections. It’s always a good idea to show employers who you are outside of the classroom, and how well rounded you really are. So, what are you waiting for?

  1. Join a Sheridan Club or Association

Did you know that each campus at Sheridan hosts several different academic or social clubs? There’s really something for everyone. Many different programs have their own academic clubs/associations such as the Human Resources Student Association, or the Sheridan Engineering Club. As for social clubs, there’s everything from Board Game Club, to… Pizza & Chill. I’m serious. It’s a real club, and I’m going to join. To view all clubs and associations available, please visit: http://www.thessu.ca/discoverclubs/.


  1. Participate in Academic Activities

There are many different academic activities available depending on your program, and faculty; for example, Pilon School of Business students have the opportunity to participate in case competitions as they become available. To find out what’s available for your program, please speak with your professors, and/or program coordinator.

  1. Volunteer

What’s a better addition to your resume than volunteer experience? Nothing. Many employers when choosing between two resumes, will choose the one with volunteer experience. It always helps to show who you are outside of the classroom. The Sheridan Student Union posts opportunities as they become available, and there’s everything from note taking, to helping with events. To see what’s currently available, please visit: http://www.discovercommunity.ca/opportunities-home.

  1. Get an On-Campus Job

Do you know where to go on-campus if you’re looking to land an on-campus job? If you said the career centre, you’re absolutely correct. The career centre can help you to polish your resume, and they also hold mock interviews to get you ready for the real thing. To view on-campus opportunities, please visit: https://jobs.sheridancollege.ca/, and/or http://www.thessu.ca/jobs/.

  1. Participate in Campus Wide Events

Maybe you already have a lot on your plate, and can’t squeeze in another club’s weekly meetings. Totally understandable – but why not attend an event? Us at FYC hold a couple of events every semester at each campus. Some examples of events include Snacks and Ladders (games!), and a Harry Potter event where we make crafts, get sorted into our Hogwarts house, and of course, watch the movie. Keep an eye on your Sheridan email to find information about our upcoming events!





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