Need a Study Break? 3 Interesting Things

We’re coasting toward the end of the term. I know: you are probably consuming an unhealthy amount of caffeine and scraping the bottom of the creativity barrel at this point. If you need distract your brain for a while, yet still kind of feel like you are accomplishing something, here are 3 interesting things I’ve discovered this week that might inspire you:

Maybe procrastination isn’t a bad thing? This article in QUARTZ makes a good argument for putting off that assignment for a while. It might make you more creative in the long run. (Don’t put it off TOO long, though)!



A return to paper products?Why Startups Love Moleskines” is an article in the New Yorker about tangible vs. the intangible and why we still love paper.



A song that reduces anxiety? Listening to this song apparently helps! The article also includes a Spotify playlist of relaxing tunes. If you are stressed right now, this might be for you.


Hopefully this provides you with a little inspirational distraction so you can dive back into your work. Remember, the end is in sight! As always, if you have any questions or issues, feel free come to Student Services in B104 (Trafalgar), A247 (HMC) or B230 (Davis). You can also email your peer mentor with questions.

Good luck, everyone!


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