Keep Calm and Ace the Exam!

The year 2016 was great for me. I was lucky to be a Peer Mentor to my amazing mentees, I made some amazing friends for life, learnt a lot at school, and had an amazing year altogether.

I am sure everyone must have also had equally amazing experiences, gathered so much knowledge at school, made new friends at Sheridan, maybe missed hanging out with high school friends, and so much more. I hope none of you had to go through sad or depressing times in 2016, but if you did and want to talk to someone about it, make sure to benefit from services at Sheridan.  Check out the Student Services Centre in Room B230 for more information.  We are all here to help you!

Just like everyone else, 2016 taught me some life lessons, such as never to procrastinate, to study hard and to manage my finances cleverly. I am taking all of those lessons learnt into 2017 and also into the years ahead. Hope you will do the same.

I am sure all of you will do an amazing job on your final exams. Make sure to go through booksyour coursework and also make use of the tutoring services in Room J314L. For me, what works best is to take small 10 minute breaks for every 90 minutes of studying. This helps me to focus and to retain the information. Try it, it might benefit you too! If you have any other ideas/ cool tips for how to prepare effectively for exams, make sure to type them in the comments section below!


Good luck with your exams!

Happy holidays! happyholidays

Stay safe and have fun!


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