Student Life!

44We are already in week 6 of our classes. I know everyone is getting busy with lots and lots of assignments, tests, quizzes, group projects… and how can I forget about the upcoming mid-terms! Despite all of the course load, many of us are also working part-time. Of course, all these things form an integral part of our everyday college routine, but is this what student life is all about??? Or, do we have some super powers that will help us to cope with all the stress? Yes, we do have some super powers that make our student life fun and amazing! I have listed my top three below:

  • Determination: I keep myself determined, no matter what the circumstances are, I try my hardest to extract the best out of any situation because I believe no victory is possible without determination!
  • Friends: My friends are the stars that make my student life glitter. They provide me with help and support when I need it the most.
  • Social connections: I know if you have friends, you’re a social person, but what I mean by social connections is the networking that you build when you step outside of your comfort zone. I strengthened my networking by ‘getting involved’. Sheridan provides tons of options to get involved on-campus either by joining clubs, through volunteer activities, or by participating in campus-wide events.

Be creative, be yourself!fotorcreated-2

Let me know about your top three super powers that make your student life happy and bright!

Trust me, you would always cherish these wonderful days spent at Sheridan, so discover Sheridan! Discover yourself and apply your creative knowledge to build a life you would never want a vacation from!


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