Sheridan’s Co-curricular Record

What is Sheridan’s CCR???

Sheridan offers its students numerous opportunities to engage in activities outside of the classroom and academic studies. CCR is an institutional document that formally recognizes a student’s participation and involvement in such activities.

Opportunities Directory

The opportunities directory provides you with all the details of currently available activities. For instance, the duration of available activities, the campus at which the activities will take place, the responsibilities involved in becoming a participant, an average weekly time commitment, and the minimum number of participation hours required to add the activity to your CCR record. The activities list in the directory includes student leadership development programs, community engagement activities, student life programs, athletics, project teams, and research.

What are the benefits of having a CCR?

CCR would benefit you when applying for jobs, internships, bursaries and scholarships as it would be concrete evidence of your involvement and participation in professional development as well as activities in the community.

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