How to Prepare for Your First Year

1.Go To Your Orientation!


Going to orientation is one of the best ways to get accustomed to life at Sheridan. It is your first chance to meet some of your faculty and gain important information. One of the best parts is meeting the other people in your program! Wouldn’t it be nice to go into class the first week already knowing someone? Orientation is also a good opportunity to pick up your onecard!

2.Get Your onecard!



Your onecard is your student ID and so much more. You can use it for access to the gym; for purchases on campus; to print; and more. The great thing about the onecard is that you can upload your own photo. Gone are the days where you want to hide your ID because of a bad picture. Simply visit to upload yours today!

3.Check Your Timetable!



There are two types of timetables; assigned and custom. With assigned timetables your timetable is created for you. With custom timetables  you are responsible for registering into your classes. Your timetable is important as it tells you when and where your classes are. Remember to give yourself time the first week to find your classes.

4.Get Your Textbooks!



You may be wondering what textbooks you need for class. The great news is your timetable acts as your booklist! You can visit the bookstore or you can order your books online through the Sheridan e-store. Each campus has their own e-store.

5.Get Your School Supplies Ready!

School Supplies


Calculators, erasers, and pencils – oh my! Organizing your supplies early gives you one less thing to worry about when classes start. If you’re a mobile computing student, you need a laptop that meets your program requirements. Don’t forget to run the pre-check prior to school in the fall.

6. Check the New Student Checklist!

3d small people - installation of check marks


For a detailed list of everything you should complete before starting classes, check out the New Student Checklist! If you have done everything on the checklist, you will be all set for classes September 5th.