The Best Study Spots at the Davis Campus… According to your Davis Peer Mentor

With midterm season underway, finding spaces to study on campus can be a bit difficult. Typical places such as the Library and the Learning Commons can get very busy and noisy throughout the day. Here is a list of the best study spots I’ve utilized throughout my time at Sheridan. Whether it’s studying for a couple of hours in between classes or reviewing notes for a big exam, these spots have proven to be the perfect atmosphere for getting work done!

  1. Bruin Coffee House! Some of you may have noticed the lounge next to the Bruin Coffee House. This area consists of tables and sofas; the perfect environment for studying alone or with your friends. Although it can get busy sometimes, the lounge is located behind the Bruin Coffee House so you’re away from the constant flow of people on their way to buy Booster Juice or walking to their next class. Another bonus to studying in this location is its proximity to your next cup of joe!


  1. The H-Wing! The second and third floors of the H-Wing are great alternatives to studying in the Library. Located next to the washrooms, on both the second and third floors, are a few booths and tables. These areas can attract some foot traffic throughout the day because of its closeness to the washrooms, but they’re still quiet enough for you to get a lot of studying done.


  1. The third floor of the library! Some of you may have ventured up to the third floor of the library, the designated “quiet floor”, only to find it is not quiet at all. What you may not know (even I didn’t know about this until very recently), is that there is a specific area on the third floor that is the real quiet zone. Along the sides of the third floor are group study rooms. Beyond those rooms are doors on each side that both lead to a designated silent space with individual study cubicles. Whenever you need a study spot away from the hustle and bustle of the campus, the third floor of the library is the place to go!


  1. Study rooms! If you’ve tried the other three options and you just haven’t been able to get as much studying done as you would have liked, you can book a group study room. This option is for groups of two or more persons. Sheridan allows students to book study rooms for a maximum of two hours in one day. There are study rooms available in the J-Wing as well as the A-Wing. You can book a study room online at

Now that you know about the best study spots at the Davis Campus, get studying and ace those exams!


3 Pieces of Advice


Here are three pieces of advice from your peer mentors;

  1. “Start your assignments early, because then you have time to ask necessary questions and make adjustments so that the overall quality of your work is better.” – Katherine, 3rd Year BBA Accounting
  2. “Participate in class discussions. The more you participate the more you will learn. When you are involved in class it also helps you remember the information better.” – Hilary, 3rd Year BBA Marketing Management
  3. “Ask for help. It’s always best to seek assistance early.” – Tre, 2nd Year Accounting

What advice do you have to share with others?

So Many Projects, So Little Time!

Now that week 5 is coming to an end, you are probably realizing how quickly the semester goes by. This is the time in the semester when time management can be critical to success. A few things to do to manage multiple projects and assignments are:

Plan all due date on one big calendar – This way you able to see everything that is due, so you can plan ahead for times when 3 or 4 projects are due at the same time.

4 Month Calendar Printable My Blog Gallery

Schedule group meetings – Within the first week of getting a group assignment find out each group members availability and schedule when and where the meetings will be held. For example, if the project is 3 weeks away, the group would plan to meet the next 3 Mondays from 2 to 3 pm. This way it can be entered into everyone’s calendar, and other activities can be planned around it.


Start early! – It can be tempting to procrastinate starting a project. You look at your calendar and realize the project is still several weeks away and tell yourself you have lots of time to complete it. The problem is as the semester progresses more and more projects pile up. Next thing you realize, you have more to complete than hours in the day.


Happy Week Five!

Week five means that we’re one week away from thanksgiving and two weeks away from reading week, but who’s counting, right?

As the semester starts to pick up, we are all counting down the minutes until a break and some time to relax; at least I know I am!

For a way to help us unwind through the semester – the Sheridan Student Union is hosting a club fair at all campuses on October 11 and 12! Joining a club at Sheridan is a great way to take your mind off all the school related things going on, and focus on doing something you enjoy!


At the clubs fair, there will be booths for all Sheridan clubs offered at each specific campus.

As I mentioned before, all the clubs fairs are on October 11 and 12, but specifically for each campus they are at:

Davis: Student Centre from 11 a.m.- 4p.m.

HMC: B-Wing from 11a.m.-4p.m.

Trafalgar: SCAET Building from 11a.m.-4p.m.

Enjoy your upcoming thanksgiving weekend, and hopefully you find a club to join!