So Many Projects, So Little Time!

Now that week 5 is coming to an end, you are probably realizing how quickly the semester goes by. This is the time in the semester when time management can be critical to success. A few things to do to manage multiple projects and assignments are:

Plan all due date on one big calendar – This way you able to see everything that is due, so you can plan ahead for times when 3 or 4 projects are due at the same time.

4 Month Calendar Printable My Blog Gallery

Schedule group meetings – Within the first week of getting a group assignment find out each group members availability and schedule when and where the meetings will be held. For example, if the project is 3 weeks away, the group would plan to meet the next 3 Mondays from 2 to 3 pm. This way it can be entered into everyone’s calendar, and other activities can be planned around it.


Start early! – It can be tempting to procrastinate starting a project. You look at your calendar and realize the project is still several weeks away and tell yourself you have lots of time to complete it. The problem is as the semester progresses more and more projects pile up. Next thing you realize, you have more to complete than hours in the day.



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