Study Tips for Each Learning Style

Does studying for final exams have you down in the dumps? Everybody has a unique way of processing new information, and knowing yourself and how you learn helps make studying a more natural experience and sets you up for success in your future career. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and customize … Continue reading Study Tips for Each Learning Style


Fighting Procrastination

We all procrastinate (yes, even your peer mentors). It is so easy to watch just one more YouTube video or just one more episode of that TV show that you are obsessed with but the reality is that isn’t helping you get farther in your studies. Here are some helpful tips to help fight procrastination. … Continue reading Fighting Procrastination

A Comic From A Peer Mentor – Health Centre

The Health Centre provides many services, and is available to you as a Sheridan student. If you want to learn more about the centre, you can check out the following link:…udent-services/health. The Health Centre is located in room B129 at the Trafalgar campus, room C210 at the Davis campus, and room A132 at the HMC … Continue reading A Comic From A Peer Mentor – Health Centre