Second week going strong!!

Hello to all first year students!

Second week of classes are here and the week is moving along at a fast pace (or a snail’s pace depending on your lack on coffee and early morning classes).

Our New Student Orientation has wrapped up and it was absolutely amazing! We had TONS of students come out for the day. I hope everyone visited our First Year Connections table, met your Peer Mentor, and won some awesome Sheridan swag!

Now it’s time for the serious talk. Yes, yes I know more school information. BUT! This may very well apply to you so listen up (or technically read up).

Did you know that if you attended another University or College, you have the possibility to transfer your credit(s) to some of your Sheridan course load??? Less school work you say? I’ve got you smiling now. This process is called Advanced Standing.

How do I apply for this magical feature you say? Drop your eyes down to the next line and take a read.
Log on to Access Sheridan > My Student Centre > First drop down box under Academics click Transfer Credit Request > Click Advanced Standing and just follow the steps.

Where do I get this course outline they want me to upload?
Some Colleges and Universities have their course outlines on their websites. If you cannot locate them, simply e-mail the College or University to request the course outline to be e-mailed to you.

What if I am having issues with applying for Advanced Standing? is a handy dandy e-mail address that can assist you or pop into the Student Services Centre (Room B230 at Davis,Room B104 at Trafalgar, or the welcome desk at HMC) for help.

And always remember to click Submit Application at the end!!! 


Keep Calm and Get Your Study On!!!

Melanie Harford